Monday 8/22/22: Elements Scavenger Hunt Photo Walk

Today’s Agenda:

  • Photo Walk

Elements Scavenger Hunt Photo Walk

Hope your brought your walking shoes…and your phones!

  1. Double check that the Formats setting in your camera app is set to “Most Compatible” (see gallery below).
  2. Make sure you have the Elements Scavenger Hunt handout or a photo of it.
  3. Borrow a lens cloth to clean your phone camera lenses.
  4. We will take a walk around campus to look for areas where we can all stop and capture some photos for the project.  We will spend several minutes at one location before moving on to another area.
  5. YOU MUST STAY WITH THE CLASS GROUP AT ALL TIMES. I will take roll again once we’re back in the classroom.
  6. We will be back in the classroom at least 15 minutes before the bell rings.
  7. I recommend editing your photos before uploading them to your One Drive. (Friday’s post had information/screenshots on how to upload to your OneDrive storage.)


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