Thursday 9/1/22: Poetic Photography Feedback

Today’s Agenda:

  • Poetic Photography Feedback
  • Life in the Fast Lane: A Shutter Speed Group Challenge

Poetic Photography Feedback Instructions

  1. Open the Padlet link and add the link to your Poetic Photography blog post by clicking the pink circle w a plus sign located on the bottom right.  Put the title of you blog post in the Subject, then click the middle icon to paste the link, then click publish.

Period 4 Advanced Digital Photography (

2. Wait a few minutes until others start posting their links.

3. Select two classmates’ projects to leave feedback.  When you click on their link you may be asked for a password, it is “photo”.

4. Leave your feedback in the comment box on their blog post:

  • What adjective/s do YOU think their photos express?  Name as many as you can think of.
  • What do you like about their photographs? Which one is your favorite?
  • Did they use interesting camera angles and unique compositions?
  • Do all their photos express their adjective? Are some photos more successful than others?
  • Which ones do you think were the least successful? If you could give them ideas on improving their photographs to express their adjective, what would it be?

After you complete your feedback for two classmates, add your first name to their Padlet link post (that way I know where to look for your feedback and give you points).

Life in the Fast Lane: A Shutter Speed Group Challenge

Life in the Fast Lane


A: Ashley, Diana, Joshua, Vincent

B: Litzy, Alyssa, Sammy, Aidan

C: Edu, Julissa, Alaina, Zach

D: Syana, Jude, Jeremy

E: Erik, Carlos, Anahi

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