Tuesday 10/4/22: Photographer Spotlight: Christina Fernandez

Today’s Agenda:

  • Finish your Portrait Light Pattern Project
  • Complete the Photographer Spotlight Assignment

Photographer Spotlight: Christina Fernandez

Due: Thursday Oct 6th

Step 1: Click on the link below and take a look at her photo projects.  In particular, make sure you view: Maria’s Great Expedition, Manuela Stitched, Ruin (Untitled Multiple Exposures), Lavanderia, Sereno, View From Here, and reflect/projection. I know, that’s practically all of them!


Step 2: Click on her Biography link and read the information about her and her work to gain a little insight about her and her work:


Step 3: Create a post on your blog that addresses the following information/questions using complete sentences : (use your own words, DO NOT copy and paste)

  • Tell us the photographer’s name, where she’s from, and where she studied.
  • What themes doe she explore in her work?
  • Which photo collection did you find most interesting and why?
  • What does she focus on as subject matter in this collection you selected?
  • What do you think she is trying to express or show us in this collection?

Step 4: Save/copy your favorite photograph of hers to add to your blog. Then tell me the following about that photo:

  • What is the title of the work and when was it created?
  • What is the subject matter in the photo?
  • Analyze how the photo was created (rules of composition used, camera angles, depth of field, editing, color, etc.).
  • What is she trying to express or show us in the photograph?
  • Why is this photo your favorite?

Step 5: Publish you post and turn in on Teams!

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