Tuesday 10/18/22: Exploring Christina Fernandez’s Work

Today’s Agenda:

  • Exploring and discussing the photographic work of Christina Fernandez
  • Storytelling through Photography-upcoming project
  • Photo to spark ideas: Student Photo Examples

Part 1: Taking a look at Christina Fernandez’s photographic work together.


Part 2:

“Four-Step Critique Process” w/ a partner: Pick ONE photo together. Fold your paper in half twice to create four boxes.  Title each box with each step of the critique process.  Answer the questions together in the boxes.   On the back, put your names and the title of the photo you chose.

  1. Describe: what do we see in the photo?
  2. Analyze: how did the photographer create this photo? What decisions were made? (visual elements, emphasis/contrast, color, camera angles, rules of composition, editing, etc.)
  3. Interpret: what does the photo communicate? What is the photographer trying to tell us/show us?  Themes, ideas, feelings, mood, memories, etc.
  4. Evaluate: What makes the photo successful?  Does it achieve what the photographer intended (when we know intention)?  What could be improved?

Upcoming project to start thinking about:

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