Friday 10/21/22: Preparing for Storytelling through Photography Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Sharing ideas on Padlet (community brainstorming)
  • Summarizing storytelling tips

Padlet Community Brainstorming

Head over to teams to find the Padlet link for your class period.  Use the + circle button on the bottom right to add a list of story ideas you are considering or that you think others might find useful. The subject of your Padlet post should include “ideas for photo stories”.

You don’t need to upload anything, just a type a list or description of your idea/s.

Blog Post: Storytelling Through Photography Tips

  1. Create a blog post where you inform your audience about the project you’re about to embark on (Storytelling through Photography using 3 photos).  Title this post “Preparing for Storytelling through Photography Project”.
  2. Then summarize at least 5 tips they can use to come up with ideas, to prepare for a photo shoot, as well as tips during the photo shoot. You can reference the video we watched yesterday by clicking the link below and watching again (headphones are in the front of the class).  And you can also do your own research online to find even more tips! (I added 2 websites at the end of this post that you can reference.)
  3. If you have an idea or ideas of what type of story you want to tell, then share that with your audience as well. Even if it’s a general idea or theme.

Period 2:

Period 3:

Period 5:

Period 6:

Extra resources I found (hope they’re not blocked):

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