Aperture & Depth of Field Photos

Practicing w/ Aperture and Depth of Field using DSLR’s

Due Wednesday Nov. 2nd

Objective:  Observe the difference in depth of field when a scene is captured with various aperture f-stops. 

Equipment: DSLR camera and tripod.


  1. Set your camera mode dial to “Av” (Aperture Priority) and your ISO to “AUTO”.
  2. Keep your lens completely zoomed out the whole time (18mm).
  3. Use a partner or an object as you subject and place them in the foreground of your shot.
  4. Find a location that has visual elements in the middle ground and background.
  5. Set up your camera and tripod between 1-2 feet from your subject. (As close as you can get while still maintaining focus of your subject.)
  6. Take a series of portraits starting with the lowest f-stop (3.5) and gradually increasing it one stop at a time until you use all f-stops (up to f22 for a total of 17 photos).
  7. Upload all your photos to your OneDrive.
  8. Format the card when you put it back in the camera.

Posting Instructions

Create a blog post the includes:

  • an explanation of aperture and how it affects depth of field.
  • explain the difference between shallow and wide depth of field.
  • a gallery of all the photos you took, captioned with the f-stop used for each (no need edit these photos).
  • explain the experiment you just completed, and any observations made in the process.

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