Tuesday 1/24/23: Blog Activity-Defining Macro Photography


  • Finish Macro Photography Project if you’re behind.
  • Blog Post Activity: Defining Macro Photography

Blog Post Activity: Defining Macro Photography

Due by end of period Wednesday 1/25/23

Step 1: Click to read this article:What is Macro Photography?

Step 2: Create a blog post that answers the following questions…

  1. What are some questions you should ask yourself as you are taking photographs?
  2. What is macro photography?
  3. What does photographer Ben Long mean when he says: It’s an alien world when you get into the macro level”?
  4. Why does Ben Long suggest you start macro photography with your refrigerator?
  5. What makes a great macro image?
  6. According to Long, what us the hardest thing about macro photography?  Do you agree or disagree and why?
  7. The article continues by providing 5 Macro Photography Tips.  List and summarize each one (try to summarize in 2 sentences or less for each photo tip).

Step 3: Check out the work of these 13 macro photographers: 13 Remarkable Macro Photographers

Look at the work of all the photographers featured in this article. If you don’t recognize what the photos are, make sure to read a little to find out!

Step 4: Select your favorite photographer of the 13. In the same post as the questions above, add the following information:

  • Tell us about the photographer (name, where they’re from, etc.)
  • What type of macro photos do they make? Explain/describe.
  • What camera and lens do they use?  (See if you can find out how much these cameras and lenses cost and include that info as well.)
  • Why did you pick this as your favorite of the 13?
  • Do a Google search of the photographer to see more of their work! Upload 2-3 photos you like from that photographer to your blog post (if you can’t save as a JPEG, use the Snipping Tool to take screenshots and save as JPEG).

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