Wednesday 2/15/23: Natural Light Portrait Photography

Today’s Agenda:

  • Introduction to Natural Light Portraiture-PowerPoint
  • Exploring Gordon Parks’s Photography

Natural Light Portrait Photography PowerPoint: Click here to open

We will talk about some simple natural light direction and situations. Today we’re only going to slide 9 of the PowerPoint.

Exploring Gordon Parks Photography-Blog Post

Gordon Parks Photography Archive


View the various photographic works of Gordon Parks at the link above. I will demonstrate how to navigate the website.

Look through at least 3 different photo archives and select one portrait that stood out to you. Right click and Save As a JPEG or take a screen shot of it using the Snipping Tool & save as a JPEG.

Create a blog post, titled “Gordon Parks Photography”.

Upload the portrait you chose and tell me:

  1. what type of lighting you think was used
  2. what camera angle was used
  3. how was the photo composed
  4. why did you choose this portrait
  5. what was this photo taken for, what is the story behind it

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