Per.4 Friday 8/11/23: Getting re-acquainted with the cameras :)

Today’s Agenda:

  • Review Q’s as a class
  • Finish and turn in past assignments: Review Q’s and Inspirational Slideshow
  • Getting re-acquainted with the cameras

Review Q’s

As a group, you will be assigned one of the questions below to explain to the class. You will be given 25 minutes to prepare. Up to you how you want to present the info!

  1. What are aperture, shutter speed and ISO?
  2. When would you need to change your ISO?
  3. What is aperture and shutter priority settings?
  4. What are AF modes how do you change them?
  5. Why do your need to meter the light to get the right exposure?
  6. What is white balance and why would you need to change it?
  7. What is depth of field and what is the difference between shallow and great?
  8. What are drive modes and metering modes?
  9. What is exposure compensation?

Getting Re-acquainted With the Cameras

If you turned in all assignments, grab a camera bag and take to your seat.

Locate all the features mentioned in the review questions! Let me know if you need help finding them!

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