Monday 8/14/23: Smartphone Tips Blog Post Assignment

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete past assignments/tasks first!
  • Smartphone Tips Blog Post Assignment

Smartphone Tips Blog Post Assignment

On Friday you were instructed to watch a video, answer some questions while viewing, and to copy down the 13 smartphone photography tips mentioned in the video. If necessary, you can go back and view the video again to complete this blog post assignment (go to the Links Shortcuts channel on Teams for the Edpuzzle link. Sign in with Microsoft).


Create a new blog post. Below is an image that shows you 3 different ways to start a new POST (not to be confused with a new page). You can click to enlarge the image.

Title the post “Smartphone Photography Tips”.

In the post include the following:

  • Number and name the 13 smartphone photography tips from the video. Include at least one sentence to explain each one a little further for your audience.

Then answer these reflection questions on the same post:

  • What was your favorite part of the video?
  • What did you think of Kathy Ryan’s photos? Explain.
  • Do you agree with all the tips? Are there any tips you question or disagree with?
  • Which tips did you find most useful?
  • Do you feel you learned something new from the video? Explain.
  • Did you try any of the smartphone photography tips over the weekend? If so, explain. (And if you can figure out how to do so, feel free to share those photos here. But no biggie if you can’t figure it out because I haven’t shown you yet or if you didn’t take any.)
  • What did you think of the video overall?

Publish your post, copy the link to your post and turn in on Teams! Yay!



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