Tuesday 8/22: Peer Reviews + Camera Angles Photo Project Due Friday 8/25

Today’s Agenda:

  • Peer Reviews of your Camera Angles blog post assignment
  • Camera Angles Photo Project Criteria

Peer Review Instructions

Materials before we start: notebook paper, pen/pencil, your published Camera Angles blog post displayed on your computer monitor.

Put your name and class period on the notebook paper.  LEAVE THE NOTEBOOK PAPER AT YOUR DESK.

At my cue, you will stand up, take a pen or pencil with you, and find another classmate’s seat to view their blog.

View their Camera Angles blog post and leave them feedback according to the questions on the TV screen (front of classroom).

Put your name at the end of your feedback.

We will repeat this at least one more time.

Camera Angles Photo Project

In the past, I’ve required students to use a toy figure for this project so that you can get creative with narrative too.  This time, you have the option to bring in an object of significance.  It must stand up on its own and I recommend they have an interesting shape, no spheres or cubes.  You may even convert an ordinary object into a “character”.

Bring your item in tomorrow. We will photograph as a class outside during the class period.  Don’t forget to set your phone camera format settings to “most compatible”!

Wed: Photograph toy/item of significance

Thursday: finish photographing, edit, and upload to OneDrive.

Friday: Create blog post (instructions will be posted Thursday)

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