Per.4 8/17: First Shooting Assignments!


Complete the 4 of the 5 assignments and post all four on your blog assignment page as separate blog posts. Include at least 2 of your new photos on your homepage gallery.

HUMANKIND AND NATURE: Combine imagery of a portrait and nature to make a composite. Use Adobe Photoshop and your own images.


SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD: Take new photos showing a shallow depth of field. Use the appropriate lens and aperture to attain this effect in camera. Post at least 3 photos showing shallow depth of field.

IMAGE PROJECTION: Use the projector attached to the teachers computer to project an image or text onto a person.


TRIPTYCH: A triptych is a series with three images, all within one document. The subject of your triptych is body parts. Create a document 30×8 inches with 300 resolution to place all three images in, and size them to fit. Add a stroke around each image. Layout is up to you.


CONCEPTUAL SELF-PORTRAIT: Using a tripod and timer on the camera, create a photo of yourself that either expresses something about you, explores a particular theme or aesthetic, experiments with a camera technique.

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