Per.4 Wed. 9/6: Camera Safety, Care, Expectations, and Procedures

Hey everyone!

Had a family urgent matter today and I will return tomorrow.  If you need to, you can have some time to take more photos during class tomorrow since you can’t take photos during class today. Sowwy!

If you have any shooting assignment photos saved, you should start editing them and putting your blog post together as a draft, at least.

In Teams assignments I provided a Forms “quiz” and PDF document that deals with camera safety, campus photo-taking expectations, and camera overnight check out procedures.  I know you’ve done this before, but I need everyone refreshed on the information anyway. You can get started on it if you’re caught up with everything else. (In case you’re reading this before you class period, the assignment is scheduled to appear during 4th period).

Please be good to the sub!  Impress them, even. 🙂

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