Friday 9/1/23: Photo Project: Elements of Art in Photography-Line

Today’s Agenda:

  • Finish Photo Critique #2 that was assigned yesterday after the gallery walk.
  • Canon Camera Parts Open Note Quiz
  • Element of Line Photography

It’s time to take photos for the Elements of Art in Photography! We will concentrate on one element at a time.

You can continue to use your smartphone (or borrow a point-and-shoot camera from me).

*If you turned in your camera contract plus completed the camera parts quiz, you may use a DSLR on automatic mode during the class period. The Canon Camera Parts PDF and quiz are on Teams.*

Elements of Art in Photography: Line

Take time to observe your surroundings and you’ll find lines everywhere. The trick is to photograph them in such a way to make your photos interesting.

Due: Wednesday Sept. 6th.


-Take at least 10 photographs that feature the element of line.

-Always take at least TWO photos every time you find lines to photograph-they should be slightly different (different angle, lighting, etc.). These count as part of your 10 photos, so you only need 5 different scenes w/ lines. 🙂

-Choose your best 3 photos to edit in Lightroom and post to your blog as individual images. (Change link to media file for all images!)

-Then include all your 10 unedited photos in a gallery in that same blog post. Title your post “My Element of Line Photography”. Turn in on Teams.

Note: DO NOT photograph line patterns on clothing, posters, wallpaper. The point is to look for lines existing in our surroundings. See the examples below for ideas!





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