Wed. 9/20: Freezing Action with Fast Shutter Speeds

Today’s Agenda:

  • Analyze and discuss photographs that capture action w/ fast shutter speeds.
  • Get acquainted with assigned groups and with changing the shutter speed on the DSLRs.
  • Discuss Levitation Project-we’re taking photos outside Thurs and Fri. Dress intentionally.

Check out the work of the following photographers:

  • How can we tell when fast shutter speeds were used in a photograph?
  • Whose work do you like the most and why?
  • Save a few photos that you would like to use as inspiration.

Natsumi Hayashi

Philippe Halsman

Diego Huerta

Alyssa Trofort

Trofort’s site images may be blocked, here’s a Google Image search result of her photography: Alyssa Trofort Google Image Results

Practice the following with your group members:

  • Changing the camera mode to shutter priority (Tv).
  • Using the main dial to change the shutter speed.  Tomorrow we will use 1/500 or faster.
  • Changing the ISO.  Tomorrow we will be at 400-800 or so.
  • Change the drive mode to continuous shooting. This will help us capture more of the action tomorrow.

Levitation Project

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