Making a Splash Part 1

Today’s Agenda:

Work in groups to capture water splashes focused and frozen using fast shutter speeds. Take turns capturing splashes.

Materials: a backdrop, a vase, water, and items to drop into the vase,

Equipment: DSLR set to Shutter Priority Mode, ISO 400. You can also use Manual mode if you rather choose your own aperture f-stop.  Change drive mode to Continuous Shooting.


Posting Instructions:

-Edit the best 3 photos that YOU took. Add them to your post as a gallery and caption with the camera settings. MASIF (mode, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length):

ex: Tv, f5.6, 1/800, ISO400, 35mm

-Then add another gallery with 10-15 original photos taken by you and/or your group members. No captions, no editing.

Title post: “Splash Photos Part 1”. Publish and turn in on Teams.


Groups for today:

1.Hannah, Alia, Tatiana

2.Giovanni, Esteban, Diana

3.Natalie, Ashley, Daniela

4. Rosa, Dani, Sam

5.Arius, Dereck, Cindy

6.Priscilla, Yaman, Vio

7. Abigail, Nevaeh, Milo

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