Levitation Project

Levitation Project

Objective: Experiment with fast shutter speeds to freeze action in the air.

Photo Shoot Instructions: Take turns with your group members so everyone gets to photograph, and everyone participates in the photos. I suggest each group member takes about 5 minutes attempting to photograph the action of their group members. Then switch roles and change up the action when you change photographer.

Camera Settings: Shutter Speed Priority mode (Tv), shutter speeds 1/500-1/4000, ISO 400-800, Automatic Focus (AF). Use continuous shooting drive mode.

Post-Shoot Instructions: When we’re back in the classroom, put the lens cap back on the camera. Take turns saving all the photos you each took into a folder in your OneDrive. After everyone double checks they have their own photos, have someone format the card in the camera. Return camera to the table.

Analyze and Reflect: Take some time to look at the photos you took and reflect on how they could be improved. This includes timing, camera angles, elements of art, composition, and creativity. We will be back out again tomorrow to refine our attempts. Discuss what changes you’ll make with your group.


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