Tues. 9/8/20: Pop Quiz+Gallery Walk+MAP Testing Prep

Camera Angles Pop Quiz!

In the our Teams general channel I will post a link to a short quiz about camera angles.  Once it’s posted, you can begin.

My Toy Story Gallery Walk and Evaluation

  • Step 1.  First, I need everyone to go to the Padlet Gallery Wall and make sure your photos contain your name (first name + last initial only).  If you can’t edit your post, add it in the comments (“My name is____ and this is my project!”).
  • Step 2. Spend some time clicking to enlarge the photo collages on the gallery wall. Then go back and “♥” the THREE you like the best only! (But you can’t “♥” your own.)
  • Step 3. Find the project that belongs to the person you have been assigned to evaluate. (I will announce who you will evaluate during class, so pay attention!)

Evaluation questions:

  1. First, tell them what you like/love about their photos!
  2. Look at the camera angles they captured and let them know if you can’t find a certain angle that they should have: eye level, high, bird’s eye, low, worm’s eye, ground, tilted, and close up of detail.
  3. Finally, give them any other feedback that you think is appropriate-this can include constructive criticism.

Period 2 Padlet Gallery Wall link:https://padlet.com/delasa/period2

Period 3 Padlet Gallery Wall link: https://padlet.com/delasa/period3

We will begin MAP testing this Thursday!

2nd period: You will be testing in Reading

3rd period: You will be testing in Math

First, I need everyone to click on this site to make sure your school laptop “passes” the configuration check: https://check.nwea.org/

What is Map testing?  We will discuss in class.  Also, there are lots of resources on the district website:https://www.fusd.net/remotetesting



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