Monday 10/12/20: Practicing Depth of Field with Smartphones

View this Slideshow: Depth of Field

To get reacquainted, you can practice here using Aperture Priority:

Canon Camera Simulator


  1. Collect 5+ items from around your house and set them up on a flat surface.
  2. Arrange items so that some are close to the camera, some are slightly farther away, and some are far away from camera.
  3. The deeper the space you set up, the easier you will see the effects of Depth of Field.
  4. Set your camera to Portrait Mode or use the Focos App.
  5. If you are using Portrait Mode, Click on the f symbol in the upper right corner. Slide finger across screen to change the f stop
  6. Take 3+ pictures of your scene * F2.8 (or lower), F8, and F16. If you are an Android, then take your shot and manipulate the f-stops after to show the different depths of fields. If you are on the Focos App please refer to slide #17 that explains how to use it.
  7. Try to capture:
  • 1 Shallow Depth of Field photo (1 object in focus)
  • 1 Medium Depth of Field photo (a few objects in focus)
  • 1 Deep Depth of Field Photo (everything in focus)
  • You can also edit your pics to increase your contrast and saturation, and please label each shot with the aperture you used. You can use your mobile phone or the free Snapseed app to edit.
  1. Put all three images in a collage using your phone or the PicCollage app.

  2. Turn in on Teams: “Depth of Field Practice #1”

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