Tuesday 1/19/21: WELCOME to Digital Photography (Virtual Style!)


  • Introductions: Virtual Classroom Norms & Syllabus
  • Your first photographic assignment: Getting To Know You!
  • Exit Survey

Click the image below to enlarge Classroom Norms, then click the link below to view Digital Photography Syllabus.

Digital Photography SYLLABUS_Virtual Edition_Session 2


In this first assignment I want you to look around your house and find something that represents who you are. Find something that is super special to you or an object someone gave to you that has significance in your life.

Now that you have selected the object, I want you to have a little photo shoot with it.

At this point, I know I haven’t taught you anything about photography. I want to you to put on your “photography hat” and pretend you have been hired by a company to photograph that thing. You are going to fake being a professional photographer.

Take about 10-15 photos of this ONE object. Keep these in your camera roll or upload to your OneDrive if you know how until Thursday!

Exit Survey is located in your Teams assignment. It is required and will be used as attendance today.

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