Thursday 1/21/21: Editing with built-in photo app

Today’s Agenda:

  • Editing tutorial and practice
  • “Getting to Know You” Photo Assignment Part II
  • Reminder to sign up with Remind! (Lol)
  • Questions?

How To Edit Photos On iPhone Using The Built-In Photos App_Website Link

How To Edit Photos On iPhone Using The Built-In Photos App_PDF File

Using the resource above, we will explore the editing capabilities of our smartphones. Today we will focus on the editing features covered in sections 2-4 of the article.

Here are the steps we’ll do together…

  1. Select one of your photos from your recent photo shoot to experiment with and duplicate the photo like the article mentions in section 2.
  2. Open the photo editor (section 3) and select Adjust icon. Go through EVERY adjustment tool discussed in section 4, beginning with “Auto”. Use the slider in each tool to go far left then far right before you put it back at zero (0). Then move on to the next adjustment tool. This allows you to see what each particular adjustment tool does!
  3. Now click on the Filter icon and check out how they each look on your photo.

Getting to Know You (Part II)

After taking 10-15 photos of an object that represents who you are (or that has significance in your life), you will need to do the following steps next:

  1. Place all the best 10 photos on a collage.  You can use PicCollage or any other collage app you may already use. This video (YouTube) shows you how to use PicCollage.
  2. Then, pick ONE photo you think came out the best and duplicate it before you edit it using your built-in editing in your photos app.  It is up to you what adjustment tools you apply but some of the most common ones would be: brightness or brilliance, saturation or vibrance, and contrast. But it depends on what your photo needs.
  3. In the “Getting To Know You” Teams assignment, upload: 1) your collage, 2) your chosen photo in original form, and 3) your chosen photo after editing.
  4. Do a little dance!


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