Monday 1/25/21: SBVC College Applications + Your Photo Portfolios

Today’s Agenda:

  • Questions about “Getting To Know You” project?
  • San Bernardino Valley College applications
  • Creating your photo portfolio on Padlet

Yay! You are on your way to receiving college credit for this class. Today we’ll begin with our SBVC college applications! Get your Chrome web browser ready!

This first link opens up a pdf file that shows every step of the registration we will cover today:

College App SBVC PowerPoint pdf

The following links are the same ones from the pdf file but I placed them here for easy access.  Copy and paste into your Google Chrome web browser:

Do you have a SBVC college ID already?  Then click below:

CATEMA Directions – pdf

Now it’s time to create your student photo portfolio on Padlet!  I created a video tutorial for you here:


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