Thursday 2/4/21: Crop it like it’s hot

Today’s Agenda:

  • Cropping Tips and Tricks
  • Applying filters
  • “Crop It Like It’s Hot” photo activity



We will use the same editing article we used to learn about editing with our phones.  Now we will explore with filters, cropping, and straightening tools.  These are covered in section 5 and 6 of the article.

Use one photo from your camera roll to experiment with.

How To Edit Photos On iPhone Using The Built-In Photos App

Cropping tips:

Easy Tips For Cropping Photos

Crop It Like It’s Hot

Due Today!

For this lesson I want you to use 10 of your own photos…and CROP them! In this exercise you will learn about the power of cropping and how it can really make an image go from blah to amazing.

Step 1: Walk around your home and take 10 photos of anything you want. You may also use photos that are already in your camera roll (maybe some of your toy photos?). *Tip: the best photos to use are those that are not too close-up already.

Step 2: DUPLICATE your 10 photos. Using the crop tool in your phone, you should crop the images to make a more interesting composition. For example, you could fill the frame more, or you could position the main focus in the center, or to the left, or the right.  You can straighten the photo if needed.

Step 3: Once you have cropped, you need to edit the photo using any editing adjustments and/or filters. Maybe make a few of them black and white.

Step 4: Using the collage function on your phone or the PicCollage app, create 3 simple before & after collages for 3 of your favorite shots.  (3 collages total, each containing a before & after).

Step 5: Then make 1 more collage with the other 7 cropped/edited photos. (The ones not included in the other 3 collages). No “before” needed!

Step 6: Go to Teams Assignments and upload your 4 collage files in the “Crop It Like It’s Hot” assignment. 

Due Today!

Here are some examples from last session:

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