Monday 9/13/21: Understanding Exposure, Aperture, & Depth of Field

Today’s Agenda:

  • Diving deeper into aperture and its effect on exposure and depth of field
  • Upcoming “Shallow to Great Depth of Field Photo Assignment” with¬† DSLR cameras (Yay!)

Aperture, Exposure, and Depth of Field

Pay attention to the 3 main things that affect depth of field when watching this video.

Depth of Field_YouTube Version

Visual References/Diagrams:


“Shallow to Great” Depth of Field Photo Assignment

Due by Wednesday Thursday 9/16/21


Create a series of photos that demonstrate the change in depth of field with various aperture settings.


  • Use Aperture Priority Mode (Av)
  • Set ISO to Automatic (Auto)
  • Use Automatic Focus (AF)
  • Photograph similar or identical subjects to line up diagonally
  • Take photos with the f-stop values assigned¬† while zoomed all the way out

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