Tuesday-Wednesday 9/14-9/15: “From Shallow to Great”- Depth of Field Photo Assignment

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete the Exposure & Aperture Fill in the Blank Assignment correctly
  • Complete the Canon Camera Parts Assignment correctly
  • Get a camera to complete “From Shallow to Great”-Depth of Field Photo Assignment

Open the PDF link below for the full instructions!

From Shallow to Great DOF Photo Assignment Instructions

Example below (I know, I’m missing f-stop 22.0… but you get the idea).

Hot tips:

Keep your framing consistent so the shots look almost identical with the only difference being the depth of field.

Make sure there is plenty of distance behind your subjects so your camera can blur it out with the low f-stop number.  If there is a wall right behind your items, no aperture will work well to blur it out.  This is why I suggest shooting outside (plus better lighting).

Video of preparing Camera Settings

Video of Deleting Images from SD Memory Card


Some great student examples of this assignment:








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