Monday 2/7/22: Intro Digital Collages

Today’s Agenda:

  • Discuss Clone Project
  • Complete past due assignments-I will be submitting progress reports this Friday!
  • Begin part 1 of Digital Collages

Clone Project

Because of the wind, we will have to postpone the deadline for it until the end of the month. You can photograph on the days with milder winds and I recommend you work with a partner so they can help keep the tripod steady. I will continue to check out cameras and tripods overnight for those who want to take their clone photos at home. Don’t forget, you can also use your phones to take the photos as long as you figure out how to keep your phone completely steady for each photo.

Digital Collages

Part 1- What is a collage?

1. Before we take photographs for this, I want you to spend some time looking at the work of a fantastic artist named, Veerle Symoens. She is a master of creating collages. She would do this by ripping out colorful images from magazines and pages in books and layering them together. Look through her website by clicking on this link:

2. Another favorite photographer of mine, Lorna Simpson, also creates amazing photo collages. Check her work out here:

3. Then do a Google image search for ‘Digital Collage Artists‘. Notice how these digital collages are similar and different to Veerle’s & Simpson’s physical collages.

4. Choose ONE favorite collage from any of the searches above. This could be one of Veerle Symoens, Lorna Simpson, or a digital one and save it to your OneDrive.

5. Place the saved collage onto a Word document. Describe what it is that makes the image a “collage”.  Then discuss what you like about it, why you chose this one, what it makes you think about, and how it makes you feel. Turn in to the Teams assignment folder titled, “Favorite Collage”.

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