Tuesday 3/8/22: Intro to “Environmental Portraits”

Today’s Agenda:

  • Environmental Portrait Intro Assignments

Who are these people?

Answer the following questions in a Word document.

  1. What do all these photos have in common?
  2. Who do you think these people are/what are they like based on their portrait? (Answer for for each photo, label with the letter.)
  3. Which photo do you relate to or do you like the most and why?
  4. Why do you think these type of portraits are called “environmental portraits”?

Environmental Portrait Notes

Use the power point below to answer the following questions in the same Word document used in the previous activity.

  1. What is an environmental portrait?
  2. Why take portraits this way?
  3. What role does the background play in this type of photo?
  4. What photographers specialize in this kind of work?


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