Wednesday 3/9/22: Intro to Environmental Portraits Continued…

Today’s Agenda:

  • Venn Diagram from PPT
  • Posing Videos
  • Submit your notes on Teams

The last four slides of the Environmental Portrait PPT has information on two photographers and a Venn Diagram.

Visit the sites of the photographers, Chris Chrisman and Winnie Au, to get familiar with their work and their individual style.

With a partner, you will fill out a Venn diagram to compare the work and style of each photographer.  Come up with as many words to describe what their work is like.

We will then share out your responses on the whiteboard.

Environmental Portrait PowerPoint

Videos on Posing

Grab some headphones and watch the two following videos.  In your notes I need you to provide 3 tips/things you learned from EACH video.  Add this to your Word document your already used from yesterday’s notes. (Please title the entries in your notes.)

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