Wednesday 8/10/22: Intro Post + My First Photo Critique

Today’s Agenda:

  • Finish creating your blog
  • Publish your introduction post-Turn in link on Teams Assignment
  • Begin “My First Photo Critique” Post

Scroll down to yesterday’s instructions on how to create your blog and for details on your introduction post.  Turn in link on Teams assignment, “Intro Post”.

My First Photo Critique!


  1. Open the link below to view the photographs it contains.  Take a moment to look at each one.  Photos to Critique
  2. Select one photo that catches your attention or makes you wonder. Copy/download and save to your desktop.
  3. Create a NEW post on your blog answering the following questions about the photograph you chose:
    • A. What do you/we see in the photograph?  Be objective-no feelings or opinions.
    • B. How do you think the photo was taken/arranged? What decisions do you think the photographer made?  It’s okay to make some guesses here.
    • C. What is the photo about or what does it communicate to you?  This is totally your opinion, but it must be backed by what you see.
    • D. What do you like about the photo and why did you choose this one? What makes it good, in your opinion?
  4. After you type up your answers, upload the photo from your desktop.  Title your post “My First Photo Critique” and publish.
  5. Add your definition/explanation to your My First Critique blog post.
  6. Submit the link to the ” My 1st Photo Critique” assignment on Teams.



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