Tuesday 8/23/22: Elements Scavenger Hunt Posting Instructions

Today’s Agenda:

  • Editing photos on your phone and uploading to your OneDrive when you have Wi-Fi.
  • Begin Blog Post for Elements Scavenger Hunt Photos

Elements Scavenger Hunt Posting Instructions

Due Wednesday August 24th

You don’t have to have all your photos done to begin your blog post! You will post a gallery of your photos with captions plus a paragraph.

Watch this video (again) to see how you publish a gallery on your blog:

Publishing a Blog Post with Image Gallery

Typed Instructions: Please read, even if you watched the video!

After logging in to your blog, click + New and select Post.

Title your post “Elements Scavenger Hunt Photos”.

Click the + in the black box and select Gallery.

Click Upload and select your edited elements photos from your OneDrive.

To add more photos to the gallery, click the Upload button below the gallery.  DO NOT, add a new gallery.

Click on each photo in your gallery and you’ll see that you can add caption on the bottom portion of each photo.  Caption each photo with the number and element description. (Example: 1. Lines to direct viewer’s eyes, 2. Line to show pattern, 3. Color to create interest, etc.)

Click on your gallery to see the block settings on the right hand side of your screen.  There you can select how many columns you want, whether you want to crop your images to fit in a neat grid-or not, and you can change the “Link To” to Media File.

After the gallery, add a paragraph to address the following:

Explain to your “audience” what this project was about.  What did you enjoy most about the project and what was most challenging to you?

Publish if finished or save as draft if you will continue on it later.

Visit your site, click on the Elements Scavenger Hunt Photos blog post to copy the link in your browser and turn in on Teams.

Yay!  You completed your first photography assignment!

  • Each photo is worth 2 points= 22 pts total
  • Captions on your gallery are worth 10 points and your paragraph is 8 points= 18 pts total
  • Total points= 40 points


Elements of Art in Photography PowerPoint

4-Elements Scavenger Hunt-Phones

Phone Photo Editing Tips and screenshots on how to upload to OneDrive: https://floresphotoclass.edublogs.org/2022/08/19/friday-8-19-22-phone-camera-use-editing-and-uploading/

Camera Formats settings on your phone: https://floresphotoclass.edublogs.org/2022/08/22/monday-8-22-22-elements-scavenger-hunt-photo-walk/

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