Thurs. 8/31: Gallery Walk + Photo Critique #2

Today’s Agenda:

  • Gallery Walk: Camera Angles Toy Project
  • Photo critique

Gallery Walk Instructions

Display your published Toy Project Post on your computer monitor.

Get a sheet of notebook paper out in front of you with your full name and period at the top.

Have a pen or pencil with you for the gallery walk.

Wait for my cue before we circulate.

Use the question prompts on the screen to leave feedback.  Answer all the questions in full sentences!

Photo Critique

Pick a photo to critique from this folder: Photos for Critique

Use the back of your gallery walk notebook of paper to complete a 4-step critique of the photo.

Here are the steps and what to write for each:

1 Describe: what is in the photo? No opinions, just literally what do we see?

2 Analyze: How was the photo composed? What camera angle was probably used?  What elements of art do you see demonstrated AND HOW/WHERE?

3 Interpret: What messages does the photo communicate? What do you think it’s about or what did the photographer want to show us?

4 Evaluate: What makes the photo successful?  Why did you pick this photo/what did you like about it?

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