Framing Device Photo Challenge

Today’s Agenda:

Photo Challenge

Due: May 6th

*Complete the Subframing Video & Questions FIRST!!*

Take a series of photographs with a VARIETY of framing devices and subject matter. You can gather items or seek out some natural frames.

Remember that framing devices are used to guide the viewer’s attention to a focal point in your image.  So you need something to frame, don’t just shoot through a frame at nothing! Subject matter can include a landscape, a person, a pet, a flower, an item of interest, etc.

Put a little thought and creativity into this!  Maybe even sketch or write down some ideas first…

  • Select your best three to edit in Lightroom.
  • Post on your blog as a gallery (medium size + link to media file) and title the post, “Framing Device”.
  • Include camera settings in the captions. 
  • Publish and copy link to attach in Teams assignment.

Here are some student examples:

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