Monday 8/30/21: Photographing for Toy Project

Today’s Agenda:

  • Working on My Toy Story project that was posted on Friday
  • The next steps after taking photos

Next Steps:

After taking all your photos, choose the photos you will submit and edit them on your phone.  Remember to not go overboard with the editing tools!

Upload the edited photos to your OneDrive.

Make a new post on your blog titled, “My Toy Story” and post your photos in a gallery. Caption each photo with the camera angle/shot it represents from the list I provided. Select Thumbnails for size, columns: your choice, and change Link To: Media File then Publish.

Copy the link to your project blog post and submit in the Teams assignment.  NOTE: If you have had trouble pasting the link into the attachment, it’s because right clicking won’t work…so use the shortcut CTRL+V to paste the link instead.

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