Thursday 9/9/21: Quiz Time and After-Quiz Activities…

Today’s Agenda:

  • Quiz!
  • Complete past due assignments-I’m submitting Progress Reports Friday (tomorrow)!
  • Padlet Class Gallery Wall
  • The Canon Camera Parts Assignment (when you’re done with EVERYTHING else)

Find the Quiz on Teams.  It is locked until we’re ready to start it and will be locked again at the end of the period.

Padlet Class Gallery Wall

Share your BEST toy photo on the class gallery wall using Padlet. Below are the links to each class period gallery wall, make sure you select the correct one.

I also have these links and QR code on Teams in the Important Links channel!

Period 2 Padlet Gallery Wall

Period 3 Padlet Gallery Wall

Period 5 Padlet Gallery Wall

Period 6 Padlet Gallery Wall

The Canon Camera Parts Assignment

The Canon Camera Parts Answer key

This assignment is in the form of a quiz but you are supposed to fill it out while looking at the camera parts document.  Only start this if you have submitted ALL your past due assignments and you still have time in the period.

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