Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow DOF + Monthly Photo Challenges

Today’s Agenda:

  • Continue working on “From Shallow to Great” Assignment and turn in on Teams
  • Discussing Project Instructions: Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow DOF
  • Discussing Monthly Photo Challenges (separate post…scroll below)

Symbolic Portrait with Shallow DOF Project


Everyone needs to pick an item that represents something about them.  Bring this item with you Friday 9/17/21  and Monday 9/20/21. 

You will work with a partner in order to capture a symbolic portrait of each other using shallow depth of field so only the object is in focus and the person is out of focus.

This will be a collaborative effort so that each party involved is happy with the portrait taken of them.  You will be the director and model of your own portrait, and the photographer for your partner.

Both portraits will need to be posted on your photo blog.  Title it: “Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow Depth of Field”. 

Insert these photos as separate Image blocks (not as a gallery).  Each image block will have a little link icon above them where you can change it to Media File.  Sometimes that icon appears all the way at the top, sometimes it’s right above the image itself (see screenshot below)…

In the caption for each portrait, tell us what the object represents about you and your partner, also mention what f-stop you used.

Publish your post and turn in your link on Teams!



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