Monthly Photo Challenge Menu

Monthly Photo Challenge Menu

  • Month 1: 9/16-10/16
  • Month 2: 10/16-11/16
  • Month 3: 11/16-12/16-This is now your Final Photo Project! Remember to incorporate rules of here for details.

Step 1: Choose 2 challenge themes below to concentrate on every month. You will be required to capture photos on your own free time using you smartphone or classroom camera.

Step 2: Take many photos for each theme you selected throughout the month so you have options on what to turn in later.

Step 3: Choose your best 3 photos for each theme to edit on Photoshop (export as JPG files) and publish on your blog. (So you’re posting a total of 6 photos that you took and edited.)

Step 4: Create a separate gallery for each theme (on the same blog post).  Include the theme description image with each gallery so I know which themes you chose.

At the end of each month period, I will post a Teams assignment where you can submit your blog post link!  I can’t wait to see the photographs you will make!

Click here for an example of a Monthly Photo Challenge post:  (if it asks for a password to view type in “photo”)

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