Wednesday 9/29/21: Peer Critiques and Reviews

Today’s Agenda:

  • Turn in any past due assignments
  • Uploading Splash photos to Padlet Gallery Wall
  • 4-Step Critique of levitation or long exposure photo

Once you have submitted all you Splash photos on Teams (parts 1 and 2), choose your best one to share with the class on the Padlet gallery wall:

4-Step Critique

Go to the Adv. Photo Gallery on this class website to view the levitation and long exposure photos produced by your classmates.  Choose one photo from a student that is not in your group to critique.  Click on that photo to enlarge it, right click, then save image to your OneDrive.

Create a new post on your blog for your 4-step critique and include the photo you are critiquing. 

Describe: what you see in the photo-subjects and other visual elements

Analyze: how the photo was created-camera angle, composition, shutter speed, depth of field, color, editing, etc.

Interpret: what it communicates- mood, theme, ideas, aesthetic, story, etc.

Judge/Evaluate: What do you like/love about it? Did they succeed in the assignment?  What could have been improved?

If you need a refresher on the 4-step critique process: 4-Step Critique PPT



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