Thurs.-Fri. 10/7-10/8: Blurring Motion with Slow Shutter Speeds

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete all past due assignments
  • Complete Chaffey and SBVC applications (if you can’t retrieve your OpenCCC password you need to contact the Helpdesk for support: or call 1-877-247-4836)
  • Blurring Motion with Slow Shutter Speeds Assignment

Only those caught up with assignments can begin this today…

Blurring Motion w/ Slow Shutter Speeds

Due on your blog by Monday 10/11/21

Objective: Use camera on Shutter Priority (Tv) and select shutter speeds that are slow enough to blur action/motion.

What you’ll need: camera, tripod, a partner, and water containers/bottles (optional).


1.Find a location to set up your tripod before you secure the camera on it.  Please be careful with all equipment, tripods are easy to break for some reason.  We use tripods for slow shutter speeds because we want only the action to be blurred, not the whole photo.

Note: Never carry the camera on the tripod!  Take the quick release plate off the tripod to move locations.

2. Decide on an action that will be executed repeatedly in front of the camera (walking, skipping, spinning, running, jumping, pouring/splashing water), and take photos with each of the following shutter speeds:

  • 1/100
  • 1/50
  • 1/30
  • 1/10
  • 1/5

3. Upload the photos that you took ONLY.  Post on your blog in a gallery.  Title the post the same name as this assignment.  Caption every photo with the camera settings (MASIF). 

If you want to be part of the action or you want to work on your own….

Set the camera on a 10 or 2 second timer.  Timers are often recommended anyway for slow shutter speeds because sometimes the act of pushing the shutter button creates a shaky photo.

Mounting camera on a tripod:






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