Monday 1/24/22: Macro Photography Now Due by Wednesday!

Today’s Agenda:

  • Continue taking photos for Macro Photography
  • Edit your best 10 macro photos in Photoshop (if at home, edit with your camera features or Snapseed) then post them on your blog with camera settings info in the captions.
  • Complete missing assignments from our first week back.
  • If you’re all caught up, try some new Photoshop tutorials!


Photographing outside is allowed today as long as it’s not windy or breezy because you still need to use construction paper for a solid background. You HAVE to stay in the G-quad area. Use the ledge to place your item if upstairs or use the round concrete slabs if downstairs. You may work with partner if you need someone to help hold the construction paper in place or use props and tape.

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