Thursday 9/23/21: Editing Your Symbolic Portrait

Today’s Agenda:

  • Complete, post, and turn in past assignments + Photoshop Tutorials
  • Edit your Symbolic Portrait w/ Shallow DOF
  • Post your edited portrait to the Padlet Gallery Wall!

Editing Your Symbolic Portrait

Now that you built up some editing skills on Photoshop, let’s put those skills to the test!

Open the symbolic portrait OF YOU (not the one you took of your partner) in Photoshop.

  1. Open Photoshop > File > Open.  Find your photo which should be saved in your OneDrive.
  2. Start by adding adjustment layers like you did in a lot of your tutorials.  Here are some of the ones we covered: brightness/contrast, levels, curves, vibrance, hue/saturation, and black & white.  You don’t have to use all of these!  Just the ones you want.
  3. The use the crop tool (remember to hold down shift when you drag the corners in) to eliminate any extra space or distractions.  (Some of your portraits may already be really zoomed in and may not need cropping.)
  4. Export as a JPG when you’re done and save to your OneDrive.  You will need to rename the file (I like to just add an “E” at the end of the existing file name to stand for “edited”).
  5. Go to Teams > Important Links > Padlet Gallery Wall Link.  Add your EDITED symbolic portrait with a brief explanation of why you chose that particular item.


  • use the eye icon to see what each adjustment layer does to your photo
  • click on an existing adjustment layer if you want to modify it (like if you need to go back to increase brightness, for example)
  • you can select an adjustment layer and hit Backspace on your keyboard to get rid of it
  • when cropping, you need to either hit Enter key or click the checkmark at the top to get rid of the gridlines


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