About Me Collage

  • The joker card represents one of my favorite bands, The Garden, which are the two brothers sitting together in the lower left corner of my collage.
  • the cherry patch is on my collage because I enjoy embroidery and making my own patches.
  • In the lower right I have The Neighbourhood, another one of my favorite bands.
  • The girl with the doll is from one of my favorite memes that always makes me laugh, Miss Keisha.
  • I’m taking piano this year and hope to become pretty good at playing.
  • I included the white mountains since winter is my favorite season.
  • I chose the old Volkswagen because I like how they look and would like to own one.
  • The Office is my life honestly, that’s all I watch.
  • I added a polaroid because my wall is covered in photos.
  • I included an album by Jurassic Shark, which is another of my favorite bands.
  • I cut out letters to spell “Dak” because that’s the name of my cat.
  • I love the smell and appearance of flowers so I added a rose.
  • I have a Dino nugget because they’re pretty good and I always have some at home.
  • I added the Vans logo since I really like their brand.
  • I always like baking stuff, especially brownies, and bringing them to school for my friends.
  • Lastly, I have the background as a record shop because music is a big part of my life and I would like to open up a record shop in the future, if money wasn’t an issue.

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